Fast Facts About Your Website, Your Competitors And Best Practice

Quickly Compare Your Website To Your Competitors'

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At last, there is a fast and reliable way to benchmark your website and your competitors against best practice.

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Forget about spending weeks comparing how your competitors use customer ratings and reviews, because Testivate's global team of rapid website testers can do this for you in hours. And forget about asking one of your staff members to research best practice, because Testivate has already reviewed the literature — from academic journals to public domain usability tests products and beyond — to identify proven best practice in amazing detail.

Instead, focus on the gap analysis that comes with every Testivate product, showing where you have the greatest opportunity to speed past your competitors. Focus on testing the best practices that Testivate shows have the greatest potential, given the nature of your business. Focus on growth.

Just The FAQs

Q.  How do you define best practice?

A.  Whenever we claim that an approach is best practice, we point you to the peer reviewed or public domain research that shows this to be the case. When there is insufficient research about a particular practice, we are clear about this too.

Q.  Are my products private?

A.  We guarantee that your products are for your internal use only. We never use your private products for external activities like sales or PR, and it's a condition of purchase that you keep them private too.

Q.  How do I use your guarantee?

A.  If you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason, simply let us know via email and we'll issue a refund. To help us improve the product, we'd like to chat with your briefly about your reasons.

Q.  Is each product unique?

A.  Yes! For each new product, we test:

  • A new business and a new set of competitors — creating a unique set of competitive pressures
  • Against tailored criteria — for example, emphasizing credit cards and PayPal when selling to US consumers, and Alipay and cash-on-delivery when selling into China
  • In the areas you require — for example, testing site search only, or the shopping cart only, or the entire site
  • At a specific point of time — which is critical when competitors are moving so quickly

Q.  Do I have to do anything to my website to use Testivate?

A.  No, you don't have to add software or tags or change your website in any way.

Q.  Does Testivate benchmark conversion rates?

A.  No, we go a step further by testing whether your site has the features that are known to boost conversation rates and other commercial metrics.

Q.  How can I purchase Testivate's services?

A.  Email Testivate to purchase our services today. Sign up for Testivate News to receive a credit when we launch the ‘click to buy’ version of our product.

Q.  How much will Testivate products cost?

A.  All Testivate products will be fixed price products that you will configure, order, pay for and receive online. The simplest products — such as a comparison of retail site search across three competitors — will be priced well under US$1000.

Real Expertise

With more than 18 years of experience in digital business, Steven Noble founded Testivate to provide the world's fastest and most flexible website benchmarks.

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Testivate has invested hundreds of hours in developing benchmark criteria based on peer reviewed and public domain research.

With our patent-pending research management process, we are the only service that can benchmark a business and its competitors in a matter of hours.


Every Testivate product comes with our unconditional money-back guarantee.

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